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Project management is already tough as it is, but certain tools may help us to keep track of tasks, milestones and deadlines. At bms we use Jira for our project management requirements as well as to track the time spent on tasks by our employees in order to monitor budgets and to invoice our customers.

To automate the process of invoicing we’ve created an interface between Jira and Business Central and called it b.jira. Connect your Jira with Business Central and say „Farewell“ to manually invoicing your projects and say „Hello“ to a fully automized calculation of your logged work, Invoicing, Synchronisation of your projects and much more.

Does a lot.

The main features of b.jira.

Synch Projects from Jira to Business Central
Create Business Central jobs from Jira projects
Create sales documents from Jira projects
Link Jira user to Business Central user
Synch worklogs
Create and post sales documents or job journals based on Jira worklogs
Support for custom Jira fields
Support for Jira Software, Jira Service Management and Tempo Timesheets

Whatever you like.

We adapt to your processes.

Decide whether you want your Jira projects to be handled as sales orders, sales invoices or jobs. b.jira supports synching your Jira projects to Business Central jobs as well as to sales documents.

As the only available product b.jira offers you a versatile synchronization of your projects. You can decide for each project how this project is handled in Business Central. b.jira supports Jira Software projects as well as Jira Service Management projects.

Keep it simple.

Our Role Center.

Keep track of what is important in your projects…the posted and invoiced worklogs. With our simple role center you can identify not invoiced worklogs with ease and act quickly.

For reliable invoicing you must keep track of worked, billable and already invoiced worklogs. With b.jira you see all this information from the start – your role center.

More time for what's important.

Fully automized project invoicing.

Minimize your costs for manually creating and posting project invoices and profit by our synchronization of posted worklogs and a fully automated creation of invoices.

Decide which item, resource or G/L account will be used for invoicing per Issue, Issue Type, User or in general.


Budgets par excellence.

Keep an overview of defined budgets in your projects with the automated generation of job planning lines based on Jira time estimates. See what’s already invoiced and what’s left per Issue.

Create job tasks with b.jira and monitor budgets per task or parent task to keep your projects transparent for you and your customers. Worklogs are automatically assigned to tasks or parent tasks so that your budgets are always up-to-date. This way your budgets stay in focus.

All for One and b.jira for All

Jira Software and Jira Service Management

Whether you use Jira Software or Jira Service Management or both with b.jira you’ll have one tool for all. Your projects will be synched in the same way from both platforms.

Additionally b.jira supports the most loved time management add-in „Tempo Timesheets“. Use Tempo Timesheets to add more details to your worklogs and to differ between worked hours and billable hours.


All prices are net prices in $ per Jira user, requires valid Jira and Business Central licenses

No. of users
1 – 10
28.00 / month
11 – 50
24.00 / month
51 – 100
20.00 / month
> 100
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